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Coding, robotics, video game design, website development and AP Computer Science - wow!
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Albert Einstein fled Germany because he felt that his science would be used for wrong reasons. Well, it still was. BOOOOOM.
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Foreign Language

Hola, como estas? Did you understand that? No? Well, that's why we need foreign language.
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To be, or not to be: that is the question. Oh Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo?
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Pythagoras knew what he was talking about when he theorized the Pythagorean theorem.
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Was trickle-down economics a scam? Did Washington really establish the great principles that we live by?
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Our Mission

The Academy of Innovative Technology High School provides a foundation and pathway on which students can build their academic successes and triumph over their challenges. Our innovation lies in exploring inventive ideas, perspectives, and strategies, incorporating technology into the learning process, and presenting opportunities for students to grow as lifelong learners and active citizens. As graduates, AOITHS students will be open-minded, believe in taking risks, learn from their mistakes, and participate in shaping their intellectual behavior thereby realizing their own potential and responsibility for bringing change to their communities and to the global society.

What makes us special

  • 6 AP Courses: AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Spanish, AP Literature, and AP US History
  • The MESH (Math, English, Science & History) Center for after-school tutoring with teachers and peer tutors
  • The Student Success Center (SSC) - our center within the school that guides students step-by-step through the college application process from 9th grade-graduation
  • YELP (Youth Empowerment Leadership Program): AoIT's advisory program where students meet in small groups twice a week with an advisor to work on grade-level necessities like college applications
  • ROTC - Many of our students participate in Franklin K Lane's award-winning Jr ROTC program 
  • Work-Based Learning Program: our students get jobs!  From working at the school repairing computers to interning at some of the city's top tech firms, many AoIT students are employed!  And, during the summer, many of our students are awarded summer internships aligned to the skills they learn in their CTE classes.
  • Partnerships: The Studio NYCScriptEd, Eyebeam, National Academy Foundation, New Visions For Public Schools
  • Clubs: Anime Club, Music Club, Game Design Club, Art Club, Science Club, Greenagers Garden Club, Gaming Club
  • Sports: Click here to see the 25 sports AoIT students participate in as members of the Franklin K Lane Campus

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