Social Studies Course Schema

Global Studies

The global history and geography core curriculum is designed to focus on the five social studies standards, and common themes that recur across time and  place, and eight historical units. This curriculum provides students with the opportunity to explore what is happening in various regions and civilizations at a given time. In addition, it enables students to investigate issues and themes from multiple perspectives and make global connections and links that lead to in depth understanding. As students explore the five social studies standards, they will have multiple opportunities to explore the content and intellectual skills of history and the social science disciplines.

US History

The main goal of every class should be to offer students the ability to open doors for themselves by guiding them to see that hard work, effort, and overcoming obstacles can lead to success. It is of the utmost importance and a main goal of this class that you, as students, are allowed the opportunity to put your skills to work, so that you have the ability to select, and then follow your own path with confidence in your choices. Along with that goal, it is vital that you use creativity and a strong ambition to take calculated risks in order to succeed. While success in anything is important, being able to learn, and reflect on failure allows you the chance to grow in and out of school.  In this class you will use your own prior knowledge and newly gained knowledge of US History, as well as, hard work and determination to become a successful students in my class, successful community members, and also well rounded citizens in our great country.


The purpose of this course is to raise the civic awareness of all and to facilitate the development of responsible productive citizens.  This course will provide you with the reasons for government, the role of government in society and present to you the fundamental structure and principles of the United States government.  We will also explore the many different responsibilities of citizens and the role and influence of the media in government.


AP US History

The AP U.S. History course focuses on the development of historical thinking skills (chronological reasoning, comparing and contextualizing, crafting historical arguments using historical evidence, and interpreting and synthesizing historical narrative) and an understanding of content learning objectives organized around seven themes, such as identity, peopling, and America in the world. The course is in line with college and university U.S. history survey courses’ increased focus on early and recent American history and decreased emphasis on other areas. The AP U.S. History course expands on the history of the Americas which is studied in the Regents US History course and offers students the chance to receive college level credits as a high school student.