The poetry slam was nothing less than a complete success.  The audience was really into it, some even ended up stepping to the stage to recite their own pieces. The way everybody genuinely listened and cheered each other on was amazing.   Congratulations go to the staff as well, who helped make the event happen. 

Of course being a live event there were some issues, such as feedback problems with the microphone.  In addition, the event had a very improvisational feel to it and didn't come across as very practiced.  But at the same time, that lack of polish was what allowed for the show of unity between the audience members and performers.  For example, when one student was too shy and didn't want to read his work, the two MC's along with everyone else in the crowd cheered and encouraged him making the student feel confident enough ultimately, to recite.  There was not much in my opinion that would've improved the feel of the show.  

This was only the second poetry slam organized by the school.  With a few minor tweaks, I am certain that the next one will be even better.  A little more organization in terms of solidifying the line up ahead of time, of those intending to recite, would make things run even smoother.  Other than these few things the poetry slam was a great show, especially given the short amount of time in which it was put together.  I am looking forward to the next one.