On oct 13th 2017, the FKL Knights made history by doing what no other Lane football team has been able to do, go 5-0.

The FKL Knights dominated against Mott Haven, who had recently moved down from the second best division in the PSAL.

Before this game, people doubted the Knights because the team had been relegated to the lowest division of the PSAL for the previous 2 years and the conventional wisdom was that Mott Haven, despite having been moved down, would still easily defeat FKL.

On our way to the game the team was excited, but nervous at the same time.  We got amped up listening to music on the bus and by the time we reached the field, the adrenaline was pumping and we felt confident. It must have shown through because when the crowd got its first look at us, it seemed shocked; I even heard someone in the crowd remark that Mott Haven, their own team, was going to lose.

Five minutes till kickoff, coach Jason had a talk with us.  He told us how much this game really meant for the team.  We 4-0 and Mott Haven was 2-2.  We thought if we lost we would just end up being one more okay football team; we wanted to be more than just okay.

This was it.  It was time for kickoff.  We were on defense first.  On the 3rd play Mott Haven scored a TD.  The team was upset, but I was more than upset, being a captain.  I had to rally the team spirit, tell them “It’s not over! Do not give up! Keep fighting!”

So there we were on kick return, Omar waiting for the ball to come his way….he returned it and scored a TD for us.  Our spirit was up again, we went on the offense to score the 2 points succeeded. After that it was a defensive show.  Offense only got on the field for 2 point conversions and scored all of them.

By the time it was halftime the score was unbelievable, 40-6. Seeing that score up there made me proud and knowing that we were only 2 quarters away from being 5-0 told me that all the hard work we put in as a team had lead to this.

In the second half it was the same show.  Our offense barely got on the field because it was so unnecessary, and when we did, we scored.  Ultimately, we won.  The final tally was 56-20.  Which put us at 5-0.  

We made history in the greatest fashion possible.  We dominated another team on their field, during their Homecoming, in front of their crowd.  We went back home celebrating, with the biggest glow on our faces, happy that we finally went 5-0.