Friday, January 6, was Alumni Day.  A day on which past students that graduated from AoIT, came back to share their lives after high school and their college experiences, to help current students prepare for after we graduate.

It was generous of these former students to take the time out of their busy schedules to come and share their struggles with us and it was definitely something I benefitted from.  

One alumni said that college is a great experience and that everyone should take the opportunity to go, but you have to take the work seriously and be responsible because the professors won’t be on your back asking for the work, like they do in high school.  If you choose not to do the work, it’s on you, and since you’re the one paying for your education, you’ll be throwing away your money, time and opportunities with both hands.  

Another alumni said that college is one of the best times in a person’s life because you get to meet, socialize and share with so many people who are going through the same journey as you.

Many also pointed out that if even if you’re not planning on going to college you shouldn’t completely rule it out.  It’s possible to attend a two year college which doesn’t require as long of a commitment as a 4 year school and is much less expensive.  This way you can at least try it out and see if  college can be a good fit for you.  If it’s something that you decide does work for you, then you can transfer to a four year college.  

This is also a good option for students that don’t know what they want to do.  College gives you options and opens up opportunities to you that aren't available in high school.  

Even in a four year college, you have until your sophomore year to decide what you really want to major in.

Alumni day was a good experience. Hearing what the previous students had to say provided current students with the motivation they needed to do better now.  It helped us understand how to be successful when we get to college; that we need to take all the experience we can get, add hard work, and we will achieve.  

When you enter the real world, there is no going back, only moving forward.