The Academy of Innovative Technology (AOIT) is a school on the Franklin K Lane campus that specializes in providing students with the training necessary to perform well in the technology field.  At AOIT you can expect to find 3 different programs, pertaining to technology, that are being taught to students.  Those programs are: computer repair, graphic design and web design.

In their freshman year of highschool students are exposed to all three programs, allowing them to gain enough experience in each, that they are able to choose which department they would like to focus on, and progress toward certification in.

The computer repair department specializes in the hardware aspects of a computer system and how to resolve the many problems that might affect a computer system’s performance, as well as its network, and printer capabilities.  

In this program students start by getting introduced to the subject of computer hardware.  They engage hands-on in hardware repair, learning what professional technicians do when working on computers.  Students also explore different job opportunities that become obtainable with certification.  A+, the computer repair certification exam,  is  included as part of the curriculum.   A passing grade on the A+ certification exam represents the student’s successful completion of the program.

           My time in the computer repair program has been very challenging, but fun.  Mr. Alphonse, who teaches computer repair, has invested a lot of hard work and effort to ensure that, as students, we receive the content necessary to study for the certification exam.  The next batch of students scheduled to take the exam will be taking it in April.