School Leadership Team (SLT) Meets the Second Monday of Every Month! 5-7pm

Notes from 2017-2018 Meetings This Year

October 16, 2017

Notes from the Meeting:

SLT Norms:

  • -Electronic Meet-ups
  • -Be honest if you can’t come, communicate with the group
  • -Be vocal, every idea is a good idea
  • -Assume everyone has the best intentions
  • -Each person will work on bringing another person (parent or teacher) to the meetings!
  • What we want to SLT to become:
  • -A place to begin fundraising (community events like walk-a-thons) to larger community issues
  • -A way to work on communication between all parties: staff, students, parents, teachers
  • -A place to develop student clubs and inform students of opportunities (clubs, jobs, internships)
  • -A support for building a student council at AoIT
  • -Providing feedback for family engagement subcommittee goals and action plans

Action Steps for the SLT:

  1. Invite representatives from the family engagement teams
  2. Create a map of themes/topics for each meeting this year

  3. Ask parents when the best meeting time is, and ask parents for advice as to which community service connections they have

  4. Invite  the COSA to a meeting to discuss student council and events for the year

  5. Help develop student voice at the school (student council, student created clubs, student newspaper?)

Immediate Steps for SLCs and PTSA:

  1. Help bring student voice to the PTSA (one student from each grade)

  2. Table for the SLT during SLCs (students and teachers that do not have conferences will talk to families about opportunities on the SLT and PTSA)

  3. Phone Calls/personal invites to parents to invite them to the next meeting

New CEP goal:

By June 2018, family engagement and participation will increase by 40% on the SLT, PTSA, and during 2 school-wide activities/events.


Notes from November 13, 2017 Meeting

Feedback for next SLC in the Spring:

  1. Tables spread out

  2. Create a packet for parents

  3. Sign-in sheet outside of classrooms to indicate order

  4. Seats for parents outside of classroom

  5. More Open Door Invites -- more parent/teacher nights

Different Family Engagement Teams at the School:

  • Communication
  • Workshops for families
  • PTSA Engagement/Fundraising/SAT Prep
  • Family Meditation
  • Multicultural Events
  • College and Career Readiness

Ideas for the future:

  • PTSA  wants to invite teachers to different meetings
  • To keep communication up: e-mail between reps from different groups
  • Spring Fling for Spring from PTSA
  • Winter Show - Thursday the 21st, during the school day
  • Black History Month Celebration in February
  • Holiday Party-Fundraiser for students
  • YELP X-Mas Party - Candygrams to fundraise
  •  Selling snacks outside the cafeteria
  • PTSA Mixer -- attract adults -- break down barriers
  • Student Council / Journalism Class to write newsletter


Meeting Notes from December 11, 2017

Welcome and opening: Holiday Potluck!

What are we excited for in the upcoming holiday season?

Review Agenda

I. SLT Survey

II. Family engagement goals:

Taking steps toward the main goals- Short term and long term goals

The Family Engagement team gave feedback to each subcommittee’s goals

III. Student Government next steps and goals:

Fundraising, preparing for the Winter Show, new members- underclassmen. Should we set a fundraising goal for the seniors?

Next SLT meeting try to have 2 events to bring to the table (all grades)

IV. SSC Updates:

Seniors are finishing up college apps and essays

Planning overnight trips for the juniors in the Spring

Work with the juniors will begin in February

Goal for next year- every students should ask their teachers before summer break

How could we get parents involved in college trips and the college process? (This is a Fam Engagement Committee/Goal)

SSC should come in for a staff PD- both grade level and general


V. Spring SLC’s:

Student feedback- how would you organize SLC?

It is important for parents to know how to better support their student at home to keep up (this ties into a Fam Engagement sub committee!)

Make lessons and notes more digital or accessible to parents so they could help their child at home with the homework

What do we do at SLC’s for students who are very successful? We should streamline the college process.

Students that are doing very well no matter the grade introduced to SAT and ACT prep.

VI. SLT / Title I Meeting Recap

Title I parent involvement funds and how SLT should be structured/main goals

CEP - should be focusing on in SLT and Parent Engagement

Minutes need to be posted

Title Three Funding

Sharing info to parents concerning Office 365- they may get it free!

Wish for money for the Science Lab

Focus on report cards, different assessments, adjusting the goals accordingly

How can parents obtain the school goals?

Student-parent-teacher progress monitoring

Bulk Mailing

CEP goals for 2018-19 starts in April

SLT draft and break into groups to work on action plan

What does CEP stand for? Comprehensive Educational Plan

Family Engagement Topics presented to PTSA and decide what dates to hold workshops for parents.

Everyone took a survey to rank future meeting topics and their order of importance.

VII. Next Steps for next month:

Video Calling to boost parent engagement/involvement in SLT meetings

If we meet from home we can meet later

January 8th (second monday) 6pm

Google Hangout is preferred method- need to make sure everyone can access from home

Everyone needs to get Google Hangout on their phone or make sure they have access to a computer.

Host a mock call a week prior to make sure it works.


January 8th, 2018 Meeting Notes

Goal: Discuss how we as a school monitor student progress academically, social-emotionally, and progress towards graduation.


  1. Call to Order & Welcome

  2. Committee Reports:

    1. Family Engagement Inquiry Team Update – January 8th

    2. PTSA Meeting - December 14th

    3. Superintendent Conyers’ Visit – January 2nd

      3. New Business:

  1. Regents Week - January 22-January 28

  2. Marking Period Ends January 29th, 2nd Semester begins January 30th

  3. Topics for upcoming SLT Meetings:

January - Student Progress Monitoring

February - Communication with Parents, Students, Staff

March - Plan to Achieve CEP Goals

April - School Budget

May - TBA (Tie between Student Recruitment, Quality Review Data, Academic Instruction, and Assessments)

4. Student Progress Monitoring:

  1. Magic Four Students - Grade Level Identifies Students and Create Interventions

  2. Saturday Regents Prep 6 weeks prior to Regents (Attendance taken online) & MESH Center (M/T – Google Doc Sign-In) & Race to the Regents Incentives (Punch card and pizza party)

  3. Attendance Monitoring Tool (Online, discussed in grade teams)

  4. Math Continuous Improvement Plan



Family engagement inquiry meeting: Try to do a video call on Thursday during PTSA meeting- live stream. Can we live stream to the web page? It can be uploaded through YouTube- We need consent from members/students or opt out. Follow up with Mr. Donohue

PTSA wants to create a facebook page


December PTSA Meeting: Huge concern over shared space

Excited about facebook page- what is status, when can it be launched?

Advisory board said yes and we can help set it up

Spending of funds: movie night - Cypress Hills is showing Spiderman all are welcomed to join. Student Council vote for a movie.


Updates from student council- none

Updates from SSC- Alumni panel went well. Students are finishing up common apps


Conyers was here last week met leave principal he will be visiting this Friday to sit in on various committees/building meetings


Regents week begins 22nd- Classes resume January 30th


Staff PD Jan 29th will be around family engagement, parents are welcomed to join that day.


Student Progress monitoring: What is magic 4?

12th grade- main focus is graduation and college apps/readiness

9th grade- choosing 11th grade mentors to help 9th grade with resume building and communication skills *share with PTSA* what are we doing/who are we targeting. Lisa can help with finding quality matches can meet with 11th grade to go over

10th grade- recruitment of parents, not confrontational meeting with parents about progress of their students.

11th grade?


Regents prep punch card “race to the regents”

How to better inform everyone about regents/prep work/what regents students need.

Parent communication- do parents know what their students need to do to get sufficient credits/passing

We should be sending out intervention letters earlier (9th and 10th grade)

Can be suggested to staff on wed when we discuss student led conferences.

Parents are not aware pupil path exists.

Attendance monitoring tool from New Visions moving students from 80% to higher-Measures student daily attendance, not class attendance.  Parents should be made aware that one day a week absence adds up.


Math CIP: tracking students that are in the most need of academic support earlier in the year (ie earlier intervention to have more success on regents)

Online reading for beginning ENL students also.


Include college readiness benchmarks for parents and also encourage students to do well in classes not necessarily needed for graduation but will look good for college.


Next meeting communication: exploring digital ways to continue communication- research around what types of communication are already happening in school (robocalls/calendars/ etc...)


Robo calls work


Next steps: Facebook page!! - Ms. Stratman can set up PTSA facebook page- check with Ms. Vaduva/Mr. Donohue how to go around DOE internet

Ask Mr. Donohue about PTSA email acct. - do we need to create one? Or is their one?

Vote for when to hold meetings again or in February