School Leadership Team (SLT) Notes

January 17, 2019 / 5-7pm

2018-2019 Instructional Focus: Quality Feedback & College Readiness

Goals: Discussion around International Trip & Meeting Time Vote & Mid-Year CEP Goal Check-In


  1. Call to Order/Welcome - Ice-Breaker

  2. Committee Reports:

  1. PTSA Report - Carla

  2. Student Updates: Oluwafemi, Zeyd, Zion, Ms. Stratman

  3. Upcoming Events/Past Events:

  • Regents Begin January 22, Semester Ends January 18th, Semester 2 begins 29th

  • Attendance Incentive

  • Broadway Shows (Feb. 8 and 28)

  • Black History Month Celebration - February 13th

  • Mid-Winter Recess

  • Robotics Competitions  

  • Grade Level Academic Awards: February 14th

  1. SSC Updates - Lisa

  2. Review Norms

  1. New Business:

  1. International Trip to Spain

  2. Vote for 2018-2019 Meeting Time

  3. Check-In: Progress towards CEP Goals -- What have we accomplished? What do we need to accomplish during the Second Semester?

      5. Adjournment & Next Meeting - February 7th (change of date)

Committee Reports


  • SLT documents were given out.

  • Christian Turner’s mom was present for SLT.

  • Too much priority on trips.

  • Title 1 needs more focus.

Mid-year goals

  • Student and robo calls discussing SLT.


  • SLT members will introduce themselves to the PTSA.

  • A large number of parents came to discuss the Spain trip.

Student Updates

  • Alumni town hall

  • Regents week: Jan 22th - 26th

  • Marking period ends on the 18th

Robotics Competitions

New Business

  • Spain trip:Large attendance for the meeting.

  • Vote for 2018 - 2019 Meeting time:

  • CEP goals:

  • Donor’s choose: laptops for students to borrow.

Notes From December 20, 2018/ 5-6:30pm

Goals: Teambuilding & Family Engagement Goal Plan


  1. Call to Order/Welcome - Ice-Breaker

  2. Committee Reports:

  1. PTSA Report - Carla

  2. Student Updates: Oluwafemi, Zeyd, Zion

  3. Upcoming Events/Past Events:

-College March - 66 students applied to CUNY, 11 applied to SUNY, 15 Common App

-SLCs: Record turn out number of families! 130+ families!

-Saturday Regents Prep (3 weeks to go) - Attendance: 27 students, 45 students, 37 students

-Winter Break until January 2nd

-Regents Begin January 22

-Semester ends January 18th

-Vision Day: March 18th

-Attendance Incentives - 3rd period competition in January

-Alumni Panel - January 10th

  1. SSC Updates - Lisa

  2. Review Norms

  1. New Business:

  1. Family Engagement Goal - Updates, and plans for the year

      5. Adjournment

CEP Goal - Family Engagement

Goal #5 By June 2019, there will be an overall increase in family involvement within the following areas: SLT, PTSA, Fundraising, Chaperoning, SLCs, and Family Fun Day in order to strengthen family leadership and empowerment within the school community.
-SLT Data from 2017-2018: On average 2 parents attended each meeting, we will have 3 parents attend each meeting during the 2018-2019 school year.
-PTSA Data from 2017-2018: On average 5 parents attended each meeting, we will have 8 parents attend each meeting during the 2018-2019 school year.
-PTSA Fundraising: By June 2019, the PTSA will have raised x amount to fund the Family Fun Day. (Or another event?)
-Chaperoning Events and College Trips: On average 1 parent attended our college trips, by June 2019 1 parent from grades 9-11 will attend a college trip.
-Family Fun Day Attendance and Donations: 25 families donated and/or attended in Spring 2018, 30 families will donate and/or attend Family Fun Day in Spring 2019.
-SLC Data from 2017-2018: 102 families in Fall 2017 and 109 families in Spring 2018, by Fall 2018 115 families will attend, and by Spring 2019 120 families will attend.

From the Family Engagement Team:

Notes: At our Next January meeting - PTSA and NHS student phone banking for 9, 10, and 11 grade students based on SLC attendance

When we call offer different ways to participate:
-Fundraiser Project
-Contact Info Gathering
-Coming to a Family Engagement Meeting
-PTSA Group

3. Freck will reach out to Cinemart about January 25th, ask about times, and movies available.
-Student Council will choose the movie
-Minimum is 69 seats - 7.70 a person
-Need about 60 students, 9 parents/teachers
-Charge: $12.00
-January 25th - Friday - 5pm/6pm - End of Regents Week
-Get Phone Number / Email from students - Payment by Monday January 14th
-Sponsorship for students in need
-Incentive for students that have attended Saturday Prep - we will pay for their ticket AND they can bring a friend for the price of $12

4. Willett will get back to us about the Chipotle fundraiser after February break
-Get YELP to help out
-Email parents
-Robo call

5. Lynch will reach out to our legal support about creating a new social media consent form  - we will print and give out in 3rd period

6.  PD - focus group around making AoIT & Family Engagement

7. Donors Choose - template for teachers for computers in March

8. CTE Jam in the Spring

Committee Reports :


  • Parents went to watch Spiderman turn off the dark.

  • Scheduling upcoming workshops.

  • PTSA workshop dates:January 17th, March 21st, and February 7th

2.Student Updates

  • Chess club: 16 - 20 members.

  • Talent show was on October 20th.

  • Read alliance tutoring:  12 members from aoit.

  • Hackathon round 2: March 2019

  • Marking Period 3, MESH with Amell.

  • Boys Bathroom Complaints: foul smell, broken doors, and no soap.

  • Charter funds for bathroom renovations requested.

  • Air Conditioners are being wired over the winter break.

  • New SmartBoards and laptops next year.

  • More students applying to CUNY, SUNY, and Common App than last year.

  • Alumni Panel and vision day coming soon.

  • 85 spots open for prom.

  • Senior are allowed to bring friends or dates from the outside as long as they pay for everyone.

  • Student council wants a CTE Jam on Saturday or on an evening. A workshop for parents to learn coding, computer repair...etc. CTE jam possibly taking place in the March PTSA.

3.SSC Updates

  • More college trips for younger grades in the spring.

  • Recent College trip: Howard University, Museum similar to the African American, Lincoln Memorial, George Town Maryland University.

  • Next college trip will be in spring or fall, possibly in Atlanta or Virginia.

  • A student was able to a get full ride because of extracurricular activities.

New Business:

1.Family Engagement Goal:

  • PTSA to raise $1,000 for Family Fun Day on May 1st.

  • Photo booth, bounce castles...etc

  • Movie fundraiser on January 25th

  • Chipotle fundraiser, the school is earning 33% of the earnings.

  • Next bagle sale in January.

  • Phone banking for ,9th ,10th and 11th grade students. Personal phone calls to parents in January. Phone banking can be done from everywhere, not just the school.

  • Pledge money towards the fundraiser on GoFundMe.

  • Phone banking for Student dues, Prom, or the senior trip.

  • Meetings specifically for Hispanic parents (PTSA fully presented in Spanish).

Notes from Meeting

October 18, 2018

Updates from Committee Reports:

-PTSA: We had a great turn out for our first meeting

-Student Updates: Students are applying to internships, 8 students so far. READ Alliance Tutoring Jobs available for 25 students. Interviews at November 1st.

-Upcoming Events: Broadway Musicals (Phantom on November 15th, Lion King on October 30th), SLCs on November 29th and 30th, had a great first "Coffee Talk" with three parents on October 5th, the next one is November 2nd, trips to El BarioMuseum, Natural History Museum, and College Trip to D.C. AP Celebration is October 24th for students enrolled in AP Courses from 9-11am -- breakfast and assembly!

-SSC: Huge turn out for FAFSA night on October 18th, Princeton Week begins October 29th for Seniors, many Seniors have completed their FAFSA and CUNY Application as well.

Norms for Meeting:

-Stay on Topic

-One Mic

-Assume everyone has good intentions 

-Be present and focused 

-Open Minded

-Respectful of ideas and everyone

-Respect Time (communicate if you are late and can't come)

Reviewing the CEP Goals for 2018-2019

-We read the goals aloud and asked clarifying questions

-We paired up and discussed one goal each. 

-We discussed 1 goal as a group:

Goal #2 By June 2019, there will be a 5% increase in the number (from 48% to 53%) of our students that graduate from our high school and enroll in college or another post-secondary program within 6 months.
-Need to know exactly what the data is- why-Get some students to follow peers when leave school 
-Document data and the reasons why they didn't go to post secondary school -Don't know what the disconnect it -- must find out.
-Reasons- could be that team wasn't in touch/Don't necessarily respond -Use under matching- pilot (tiers line up better) 
-Issue is that if they are going to CUNY is there someone that is going to be following them 
-If they don't declare major- are they getting the right classes?
-2 year course vs 4 year course 
-Once get in the door have to stay in the door-  important point and when why I like CUNY- if your out of town it is different 
-Carla- pros and cons to CUNY- when goal setting have mindset 
-April through August- full time persistence 
-Reach out to the parents of Juniors 
-Hutchinson said Juniors 

Next Meeting:

-We will vote on roles and amending the by-laws

-We will continue to discuss the CEP Goals we analyzed