Instructional Support Services

Our Mission

At Academy of Innovative Technology, we are committed to providing an inclusive educational environment where students with disabilities have equal access to a rigorous curriculum and are held to high expectations, all while receiving the necessary supports outlined in their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Our overarching mission is to empower our students towards independence in every aspect of their lives. We also offer a range of related services tailored to the needs of qualifying students.

To ensure the best possible education for our diverse student body, we offer various educational settings designed to meet individual needs. These include ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching) classrooms and SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services). Our dedicated team of a psychologist, a social worker, counselors, and teachers collaborate closely with students to ensure their unique needs are met within our challenging academic environment.

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Our Approach

When considering whether to refer your child for an evaluation for services, it is important to take into account several factors outlined by the NYC Department of Education. They provide comprehensive guidance on what to consider, which can be found here. Some key considerations include:

Annual Review

Once a year, your child will undergo an annual review where their academic and socio-emotional progress is discussed. During this review, the IEP Team assesses the appropriateness and effectiveness of the special education services provided, determining the goals and services for the upcoming year.

Triennial Reevaluation

A triennial reevaluation, mandated every three years, offers an opportunity to reassess your child’s needs, unless you and the DOE agree in writing that it is not necessary. If new assessments are required, your consent will be sought, granting permission for the School Psychologist to conduct the assessments. The IEP team, including you, will then convene to review the new information and make appropriate recommendations for the IEP.

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