Information Technology

The IT (Information Technology) Fundamentals pathway is a four-year, New York State approved CTE program that aims to simultaneously train students for a career in Information Technology and be college ready. We focus on teaching students the fundamentals of IT such as software and hardware diagnosis, troubleshooting, help desk management, basic networking, and cybersecurity.

The goal of the course is for every student to graduate from Academy of Innovative Technology High School as a A+ certified computer technician and an Advanced Regents diploma with a CTE endorsement. Upon completion of the course, will be ready to apply for jobs.

9th Grade (Freshman year)

Our program sequence begins with a 30-day introductory course designed to give new high school students a preview of what to expect if they commit to the IT pathway in their 10th grade year. Our 30-day course focuses on the fundamentals of hardware and software.

10th grade (Sophomore year)

In the 10th grade, students prepare for the IT Fundamentals+ exam.

11th grade (Junior year)

In the 11th grade, students will dive deeper into the IT Infrastructure of Hardware, Software and Networking.

12th grade (Senior year)

In the 12th grade, students cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity comprising of the following topics: digital footprint and reputation, online safety & privacy, threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities, networks & hosts design & diagnosis.

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