Web Development

The Website Development pathway is a four-year, New York State approved CTE program that aims to simultaneously train students for a career in website development and be college ready. We focus on teaching students the basics of the three fundamental website development languages, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The goal of the course is for every student to graduate from Academy of Innovative Technology High School as a Certiport-certified HTML5 Application Developer and an Advanced Regents diploma with a CTE endorsement. Upon completion of the course, they will have developed an industry-grade capstone project and will be ready to apply for jobs.

9th Grade (Freshman year)

Our program sequence begins with a 30-day introductory course designed to give new high school students a preview of what to expect if they commit to the Web pathway in their 10th grade year. Our 30-day course focuses on the fundamentals of creating a website, and by the end of the course, students will have created their own first website from scratch.

10th grade (Sophomore year)

In the 10th grade, students officially commence their first full year in the Web pathway. Through partnership with our longstanding partner CodeNation, students take the CodeNation Introduction to Web Development curriculum. This curriculum is supported by volunteers from popular tech companies that come in to support students as they learn to code. By the end of this course, students will have a thorough understanding of the coding languages involved in website development, and will be able to build an interactive website.

11th grade (Junior year)

In the 11th grade, students continue their website development journey and learn advanced HTML, CSS, and Javascript concepts. Students begin preparation for the HTML5 Application Development certification exam, and learn the core concepts of creating an HTML5 application.

12th grade (Senior year)

Our program sequence concludes in the final year of high school. After becoming certified, students work throughout their senior year on an industry-grade capstone project co-taught by two instructors. This project is presented to a panel of industry professionals, and school faculty.

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